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Comparing the Candidates

DEAN BOEHLER Ellen Roberts Bruce Whitehead
Opposes H.B. 1365 - The "Clean Jobs" Bill
  • It will put Colorado coal miners out of work
  • It will raise utility rates across the state

  • It fattens the wallets of Xcel Energy Execs
Supports H.B. 1365 - The "Clean Jobs" Bill
  • Co-Sponsored H.B. 1365 with Dem. Bruce Whitehead

  • Supports state interference with Free Markets

  • Worked with Bill Ritter and Colorado Environmental Groups to rush the bill through in 17 days

Supports H.B. 1365- The “Clean Jobs” Bill

  • Co-Sponsored H.B. 1365 with Ellen Roberts

  • Supports State Interference with Free Markets

  • Helped Gov. Ritter & Environmentalists to Rush the Bill through in 17 days

Opposes the $20 Billion state budget
  • Doesn't do enough to cut spending

  • Creates over 500 NEW state employee jobs while there is supposed to be a hiring freeze

Supported the $20 Billion state budget
  • One of only 2 Republicans in the House to vote for the budget

  • Other 25 Conservative Republicans voted against the budget

Supported the $20 Billion State Budget

  • Voted with Ellen Roberts for the Budget

  • Creates over 500 NEW State Jobs
Lifelong Conservative Republican
Described as a "Moderate" Republican
Appointed to office by Gov. Bill Ritter


Dean's Position on the Issues

Dean believes we can manage and develop our abundant natural resources (including energy & mining) in a responsible way to CREATE JOBS and bring ECONOMIC PROSPERITY to Western Colorado.

Dean has signed the Tax Pledge from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers. He will not vote for any bill that:

  • Creates a net tax increase for Colorado citizens

  • Violates the spirit of the TABOR Amendment.


Dean does not believe the current $20 BILLION state budget meets the intent of the constitutional mandate to balance the budget. He would have voted no.  (TWENTY-FIVE Republican Representatives voted against the current budget).



“The Clean Energy Bill”

Dean opposes HB 1365 and believes it will cost Colorado critical jobs in the coal mining industry and raise utility rates for consumers. He would have voted against it. Dean believes it is wrong for government to interfere with free markets and pick the winners and losers in industry. (In this case, natural gas over coal).



Dean strongly supports Colorado's lawsuit to declare ObamaCare UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Dean opposes ObamaCare and favors common sense, free-market solutions to lower the cost of health insurance.


Dean believes that competition is good for our educational system and creates the best results for our students. For that reason, Dean supports a combination of vouchers and/or tax credits to give parents the choice of how to best educate their children.



Dean WELCOMES all immigrants who come to our country LEGALLY. He also supports:

  • A strictly monitored GUEST WORKER program.

  • Strong PENALTIES for Employer's who hire illegal workers.

  • DENYING CITIZENSHIP to “anchor babies” born in this country to illegal immigrants.

Dean believes the the new "Red Card" program may offer a solution to the guest worker issue, and should be studied carefully.



Dean is a life member of the National Rifle Association, a certified law enforcement officer, and believes that every U.S. Citizen has the right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.
(non-felons, of course)



Dean knows that the federal government has been encroaching on our 10th AMENDMENT RIGHTS for many years. He supports the efforts of state legislators to turn back the tide and fight against unfunded federal mandates and interference with state issues.



Dean understands water is absolutely essential to industry and agriculture in Western Colorado.  He has a Bachelor’s in Earth Sciences and worked as a hydrologist for Tenneco Kern County Division and the California Department of Water Resources.  His family owns half interest in the oldest water decree in San Miguel County on the San Miguel River.  He understands the importance of preserving and protecting our water in Western Colorado.



Dean believes in the SANCTITY OF LIFE from conception to the final breath.



Dean understands the importance of the upcoming congressional redistricting. Republicans need to take back control of the Colorado Legislature to insure a FAIR REDISTRICTING PROCESS.



Dean believes that personal property rights need to be preserved and protected. ABUSES of conservation easements and eminent domain must be stopped.



The constitution is not a “living document”, it’s not Play-Doh that can be manipulated the way we want, but sets out definite parameters and boundaries under which the government is to operate. “WE THE PEOPLE” are the authority to which the government must answer and remain accountable.



Dean Boehler for State Senate District 6
PO Box 7 - Norwood, CO 81423
(970) 327-4942